For Customized Communications, Inc. | Clients Hospitals and Clinics, for their patients | Industry Medical
I created these covers (inside and outside) as part of an annual brief at CCI (Customized Communications Inc.). 6 x 9in in size, these planners are sold to hospitals and clinics as a by-product to the main line of educational books for expecting and new parents. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Target Audience
Sold to hospitals and clinics, with the primary audience being their patients, who are typically 30+ year old females. 
The 2 themes showcased are 'Healthy living', with keywords such as fresh and modern, and 'Flowers', with keywords such as giving, healing and trust. For the latter, this was reinforced by the symbolism of the carnation flower and the simplicity and transparence of the continuous line art.
All illustrations are my own.
* The 'Healthy living' themed cover was made in collaboration with my colleague Ivonne Garcia, who conceived the general 'fresh' concept and hand-drew the lettering.
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