2018 Theme: A Planet for Tomorrow "Make the Planet Great Again"
The first poster below, "Women and Climate Change" was selected as a Top 100 and will be exhibited in towns around the world, starting with Paris, in September 2018. A book about the exhibition will be published. 
All three posters are based on SDG 5: Gender Equality (UN Sustainable Development Goal), which I placed within the context of global warming. 
The link between gender equality and global warming is more and more documented (UNFCCC Women & Climate Change) but awareness is still lacking. This is why I thought it was important to communicate the importance of women empowerment for our planet. Through education, a fairer representation and more equal rights in general, the effects of global warming could potentially be reversed. 

Poster 1: "Women and Climate Change"
This design highlights that women should not be confined to house duties, as their role to rebuild the community after climate related damage is crucial.

Poster 2: "Give the Planet Her Dignity Back"
This design uses the paper-cut technique. It highlights both the earth and women's vulnerability, and how they are interlinked.

Poster 3: "Who Would You Rather Empower"
I think it is important to communicate the importance of women empowerment for our planet. With this though-provoking piece (shockvertising), I aimed at pushing both institutions and individuals (through their political representatives) to act.​​​​​​​
Behind the scene
Poster 1 / Preparing the earth with red thread and felt. The continents were traced in Illustrator and printed via the Cricut machine. And below is the big picture of the poster, with the words 'Empower Women' stitched on a white T-shirt.
Poster 2 / Paper-cut technique
Poster for Tomorrow 2018: A Planet for Tomorrow
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Below, A Planet for Tomorrow book showcases the 100 best posters of the 2018 edition. The book is based on an original notebook created by @archivia
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